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Medical effects

  • Can help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Can promote creativity and mental clarity
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What are Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms?

Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms, also known as Psilocybe cubensis Hawaiian, are a popular variety of psychedelic mushrooms characterized by their golden yellow or light brown caps and sturdy stems. This strain is particularly popular among novice growers and consumers alike because of its forgiving nature and decent yields.

Where can you buy Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms online?

Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms are found in many Online Stores that specialize in the sale of magic mushrooms. Popular suppliers include Spores 101, Miracle Farms in the USA, Sporeslab and Planet Spores in Germany, as well as The Magic Mushrooms Shop and Shiny Spores in Europe.

Effects, aroma and taste


Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms are known for their moderate psilocybin strength. The effects include mild physical relaxation and profound mental experiences. Users report bright, colorful visuals and a feeling of expansion and unity.

aroma and taste

The aroma and taste of these mushrooms are earthy, which is typical of the Psilocybe cubensis species.

Medical effects

Medical effects

  • Can help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Can promote creativity and mental clarity

Can provide relief from

  • Psychological stress
  • Depressive moods

Growing Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms

Hawaiian magic mushrooms are relatively easy to grow, making them an excellent option for beginners. The easiest way to start is with a grow kit, which simplifies the entire process from sterilizing the substrate to incubation.

Using Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms

How do you consume them?

These mushrooms can be consumed dried, brewed in tea, or incorporated into food. Dosage should be done carefully, especially for newbies.


Light doses start at 1-2 grams of dried mushrooms, which is enough for most people to feel mild effects. Higher doses can produce more intense psychedelic experiences.

Storing Magic Mushrooms

The mushrooms should be stored in a cool, dry place to preserve their potency and freshness.

How long do Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms last?

When stored properly, dried magic mushrooms can last for several months to a year.

Can you smoke magic mushrooms?

It is not recommended to smoke magic mushrooms as the heat can destroy the psychoactive substances.

Why buy Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms from Psydera?

Psydera offers a safe and trusted source for purchasing Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms, with a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

Legislation on the sale of magic mushrooms in Germany

In Germany, the possession and sale of mushrooms containing psilocybin is illegal without the appropriate permits. Psydera therefore only offers its products where it is legally permitted.

Experience the special effects of Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms and discover a new level of self-awareness and psychedelic experience.

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