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Medical effects

  • Can help treat depression and anxiety
  • Promoting spiritual growth and personal insight
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What are Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms?

Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms, scientifically known as Psilocybe Cubensis Guadalajara, are a rare and ancient species of mushroom originally discovered in the Guadalajara region of the Mexican state of Jalisco. This central part of Mexico was home to the Cuyuteco, a tribe of the Nahua culture. Nomadic peoples in Jalisco's central valley are known to have hunted game, with the excrement of these animals often serving as a growing medium for magic mushrooms.

Where to buy Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms online?

Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms can be Psydera can be purchased online. Psydera offers these rare and mysterious mushrooms in the best quality, delivered safely and discreetly to your door.

Effects, aroma and taste


Within 10-30 minutes of consuming Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms, one may experience an increase in mood with euphoria and excitement. Depending on the dosage, mild to intense visual effects may occur. The environment may seem more alive, and art and music may be experienced on a more personal level.


The aroma of these mushrooms is earthy and can be perceived as pleasantly natural.


The taste of Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms is typically mushroomy and earthy, with a slight sweetness that reflects their golden cap.

Medical effects

Medical effects

  • Can help treat depression and anxiety
  • Promoting spiritual growth and personal insight

Can relieve

  • Stress
  • Emotional tensions

How to grow Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms?

Information on growing this particular type of mushroom is limited as they are a rare variety, but general mushroom growing guides can be found online and should be helpful for getting started.

Using Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms

How do you consume them?

Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms can be dried and then consumed directly or processed into tea or food.


Start with a low dose of about 1-2 grams to test the effects and adjust the dosage according to your experience and desired effects.

Storage of Magic Mushrooms

Store Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms in a cool, dry place to preserve their potency and freshness.

How long do magic mushrooms last?

Dried magic mushrooms can last for several months to years if stored properly.

Can you smoke magic mushrooms?

It is not recommended to smoke magic mushrooms as the heat can destroy the psychoactive substances.

Why buy Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms from Psydera?

Psydera guarantees the highest quality and potency of this rare mushroom variety, along with a fast and discreet shipping service.

Legislation on the sale of magic mushrooms in Germany

Possession and sale of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, such as Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms, is illegal in Germany without appropriate permits. It is important to check local laws before purchasing and consuming.

Discover the deep spiritual and visual experience that Guadalajara Mexico Magic Mushrooms can provide. Explore consciousness and expand your perspectives with these rare and mystical mushrooms.

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