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Medical effects

  • Psychotherapeutic use: Buy 1T LSD and research it as a potential treatment for various mental disorders.
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1T LSD Composition

  • Chemical properties: 1T-LSD is one of the legal LSD derivatives.
  • Purity: The purity of our 1T-LSD is 99,4%.
  • Dosages: Available in Microdose (10 µg), Macrodose (150 µg) and Megadose (225 µg).
  • preparation: Vegan, made in the EU, free from child labor.

Where can I buy 1T LSD online?

You can buy 1T LSD in our Online Store, which offers fast and discreet shipping. Our products are of high quality and legally available in Germany.

Effects, aroma and taste


Buy 1T-LSD and experience its effects: similar to other psychedelic substances in that it expands consciousness and offers profound psychological insights. The effects vary depending on the dosage, from a mild alteration of perception to intense hallucinatory experiences.


Since 1T-LSD is mainly consumed in the form of blotters, there is no specific aroma.


1T LSD blotters are tasteless.

Medical effects

Medical effects

  • Psychotherapeutic use: Buy 1T LSD and research it as a potential treatment for various mental disorders.

Can provide relief from

  • Stress and anxiety: Buying 1T LSD could be helpful in treating depression and chronic stress through psychedelic therapy.

Use of 1T LSD

Buy 1T LSD is used for both therapeutic and research purposes. It allows deep insights and can contribute to personal development.

How is 1T LSD consumed?


  • Microdose (10 µg): For subtle effects and no significant disruption to everyday life.
  • Macrodose (150 µg): For deeper psychological insights and stronger visual effects.
  • Mega dose (225 µg): For intense experiences and deep self-exploration.

How do you store 1T LSD?

Buy 1T LSD and store it properly: It should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its quality.

Why buy 1T LSD from psydera?

Buying 1T-LSD from psydera offers a purity of 99,4%, fast and discreet delivery, and is also vegan and free from child labor. The high level of customer satisfaction and the exclusive blotter designs underline our reputation.

Legislation on the sale of 1T LSD in Germany

Buying 1T-LSD is available as a legal LSD derivative in Germany. However, you should still find out about the exact legal regulations.

Is it safe to buy LSD online?

Buying 1T LSD online is safe if you order from a trustworthy provider like our shop, which guarantees quality and discretion.

How can I check the quality of LSD purchased online?

Buy 1T LSD and check its quality: Our products are regularly tested in independent laboratories to ensure the high purity of 99,4%.

Legal implications when buying LSD online

1T Buy LSD may have legal consequences depending on the laws of your country. It is essential to do your research before purchasing.

How is LSD shipped when purchased online?

We deliver 1T-LSD discreetly as a letter, with delivery taking place within two working days after receipt of payment.

What payment methods are accepted when purchasing LSD online?

Accepted payment methods include a variety of safe and convenient options that make it easy to purchase 1T LSD online.

Can I buy LSD online without a prescription?

Buying 1T LSD without a prescription is possible because it is legally available in Germany and is primarily used for research and therapeutic purposes.

What dosages of LSD are available online?

In our shop we offer 1T-LSD in the dosages Microdose (10 µg), Macrodose (150 µg) and Megadose (225 µg).

Are there different types of LSD online?

Yes, in addition to 1T-LSD, we also offer other LSD derivatives that are suitable for different research and therapeutic purposes.

What should I do if I have a bad reaction to LSD purchased online?

In case of a negative reaction after purchasing 1T LSD, we recommend that you seek medical help immediately and report the incident to our customer service.

Our high quality LSD products:

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