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Medical effects

  • Research purposes: Currently mainly used in scientific research to study the effects of lysergamides on the human body.
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1P LSD Composition

  • Chemical class: Lysergamide
  • Similarity: Closely related to LSD, produces almost identical effects.
  • Activation: Presumably by binding to serotonin receptors in the brain.
  • Dosage: 150 mcg per Buvard, 50% higher than the standard dosage of 100 mcg. Recommended for experienced researchers.

Where can I buy 1P LSD online?

Buying 1P LSD is possible via the platform psydera Here, researchers and interested parties receive high-quality products that have been verified by independent laboratory tests.

Effects, aroma and taste


  • Stimulation and euphoria: Physical euphoria, increased sensitivity to touch and improved endurance.
  • Appetite suppression: May cause loss of appetite in some users.
  • Side effects: Including difficulty urinating, excessive yawning, nausea, increased sweating, and muscle contractions.


Buying 1P-LSD brings a chemical research product without a specific aroma.


The product is mainly consumed in the form of Buvards, which are neutral in taste.

Medical effects

Medical effects

  • Research purposes: Currently mainly used in scientific research to study the effects of lysergamides on the human body.

Can provide relief from

  • Research-based application: Used to investigate conditions that might be influenced by serotonin.

Use of 1P LSD

Buying and using 1P-LSD is mainly used in research, especially to investigate psychotropic effects and their influence on human consciousness.

How is 1P LSD consumed?


The recommended dosage of 150 mcg per Buvard is intended specifically for experienced researchers. The dosage should be strictly adhered to in order to obtain reliable results.

How do you store 1P LSD?

1P Buy LSD and store properly: It should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and moisture, to maintain its potency and stability.

Why buy 1P LSD from psydera?

Psydera offers verified quality and safe delivery. All products undergo extensive testing to ensure purity and safety. When you buy 1P-LSD, psydera is a reliable source.

Legislation on the sale of 1P LSD in Germany

Buying 1P-LSD in Germany is complex because it is illegal in Germany and many other countries. Check your local laws before placing an order.

Is it safe to buy LSD online?

Buying LSD online carries risks. It is recommended to only order from trusted suppliers like psydera who have their products independently tested.

How can I check the quality of LSD purchased online?

It is important to order from suppliers who have their products tested by independent third-party laboratories and offer appropriate certificates.

Legal implications when buying LSD online

Purchasing LSD can have legal consequences depending on the laws in your country. It is essential to do your research before purchasing.

Shipping conditions when buying LSD online

Buy 1P-LSD and receive it safely: It is discreetly packaged and shipped to protect the privacy of buyers.

Accepted payment methods when buying LSD online

Common payment methods include credit cards, bank transfers and cryptocurrencies.

Can I buy LSD online without a prescription?

Buy 1P-LSD without a prescription: It is mainly marketed for research purposes and is usually available without a prescription if it is legal.

What dosages of LSD are available online?

Dosages vary, with 1P-LSD typically offered in 150 mcg buvards for experienced researchers.

Are there different types of LSD online?

Yes, besides 1P-LSD, other lysergamide derivatives such as 1cP-LSD, 1V-LSD and 1D-LSD are also available.

What should I do if I have a bad reaction to LSD purchased online?

If you experience an adverse reaction, seek medical attention immediately and inform the provider of the event.

Our high quality LSD products:

1D LSD, 1CP LSD, 1V LSD, LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), 1t lsd.

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